Monday, January 9, 2012

Wii Like This Game

Our public library has a pretty good selection of Wii games, and we try to get one each week.

I’m glad that we have this opportunity to try these games at no cost. We have found that a lot of games look good on the shelf, but are not that much fun to play. There are a lot of mediocre Wii games out there, and I’m glad we did not have to pay to find that out.

That makes it all the more enjoyable when we do find a good game that we all like to play. And this week’s selection is one of the most best we have found in a while.

Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree is a game that tests mental agility in five different categories: Visualize, Identify, Memorize, Compute, and Analyze. Players take tests, with scores based on speed and accuracy. The difficulty adjusts with the questions getting harder as the player does well, and easier if the player makes mistakes. At the end of each quiz, the player gets a score and can see their strengths and weaknesses.

My wife and I have found the game to be addictive, as we want to play it again and again to improve our scores and out-do each other. And Kai enjoys it, too.

After you complete the quiz, the game assigns an occupation that matches your skillset. Kai was deemed a mathematician. Hah, good match!

It’s no surprise that he does best in the Compute section. But I like that he gets practice in the other areas, too.

I don’t know how much this game will truly improve my son’s skillset in these areas, but it seems like a way to sharpen his brain. And that is better than a lot of other video games.

I think there was something else I wanted to write, but I’ve forgotten. You see, my weakest area is Memorize.


  1. Oh, that looks like fun! I love things the whole family enjoys like that.

  2. Betsy, it's not always easy to find things that we all like, so it was nice to find this one.


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